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Truck Drivers Hours-of-Service Revised for Safety

Driver error causes 90% of truck accidents. Tired drivers have more accidents ― and truck accidents are particularly deadly. Thankfully, federal rules have recently become stricter for truckers. In particular, truckers’ hours-of-service, or the amount of time they are allowed to drive per week, has decreased. These new regulations went into effect at the beginning … Read More

What Makes Truck Accident Cases Different from Car Accidents

Truck accidents are oftentimes harder to litigate than car accident cases. Truckers are professionally licensed, have ample insurance, and work for large companies with extensive legal resources. Thankfully, we can help you prepare. First, we notify the trucking company that there is a pending claim The first thing we do in truck accident cases is … Read More

Top 5 Causes Of Truck Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2011 truck accidents caused 50% of vehicle fatalities in the state of Georgia. Trucks are approximately 25 times heavier than cars, inflicting serious damage when involved in vehicle crashes. Many truckers also work under stressful conditions, working long shifts with little to no sleep. These factors … Read More