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Family Law Newsletters

Abortion Funding

The Medicaid program was initiated to provide federal financial assistance to states that chose to reimburse the costs of certain medical procedures to needy individuals. In 1976, the Hyde Amendment was passed. The Hyde Amendment severely limited the use of federal funds to reimburse for costs associated with abortions.

Child Welfare Agencies’ Potential Malpractice Liability for Improperly Detaining a Child in the Foster Care System

States have enacted laws requiring the filing of reports of suspected child abuse and neglect, and most states have specialized child protective agencies to investigate these reports. The organization of the agencies varies greatly from state to state. Child protective agencies essentially should perform the same functions.

Gifts to Grandchildren

Many grandparents want to give their grandchildren gifts. Giving gifts to grandchildren is also advantageous for the grandparents’ estate because it may reduce the overall size of the estate and lower the estate tax burden.

Nursing Home Problems

Once an elder person or the family of the elder person makes the decision to place the elder in a nursing home, they must select a nursing home. After selecting a nursing home problems may arise.