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Personal injury/wrongful death

Any time an injury occurs as the result of the negligent act of another, you need an experienced Buford accident lawyer to help gain the appropriate compensation for all expenses related to your injuries. Unfortunately, some injuries can cause particularly devastating changes to your life:

  • Head injury: Head injuries often extend to the neck and spine, causing potentially severe and permanent disability. You need the experience of a skilled head injury attorney in Atlanta or Gwinnett County to ensure you receive the compensation needed to cover all expenses for the rest of your life. The Atlanta brain injury attorneys at McGarity and Efstration have the experience you need to return to the best life possible.
  • Brain injury: The brain is the control center for the body. When any injury to the brain occurs, the victim can experience permanent disability requiring a lifetime of assistance and therapy. The best brain injury attorneys in Atlanta have the experience to deal with these complicated injuries. The Atlanta head injury attorneys at McGarity and Efstration have worked on many such cases and can help determine the true costs that need to be recovered to ensure victims have the lifelong support they need.
  • Wrongful death: Whether the death of a close family member was caused by a negligent act or a violent criminal act, you need a wrongful death attorney in Georgia to help you collect the awards that can at least compensate for some of the monetary losses. The wrongful death attorneys at McGarity and Efstration provide the compassionate support you need to get through this difficult time.

Even when the careless actions of others cause less significant injuries, an accident attorney in Atlanta can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. The Atlanta accident attorneys at McGarity and Efstration help with any type of accident claim, large or small.

Other areas of practice

In addition to experience as skille,d accident attorneys in Atlanta, the attorneys at McGarity and Efstration have the legal expertise to handle many other legal concerns:

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