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Medical Malpractice Attorneys Serving Gwinnett County


Each year many innocent people are killed, maimed, or severely injured by medical malpractice. Patients are entitled to be treated with a high degree of care by doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other medical providers. When they fail to do so, serious and terrible consequences can be the result.

Cases require the use of skilled and experienced medical malpractice lawyers who are well versed in this practice area. To establish the negligence of a medical doctor, surgeon or nurse, the patient must prove that the medical provider has breached the standard of care required by the medical professional. This generally requires the use of an expert medical professional to review all the medical records to determine if medical malpractice has occurred and if that malpractice was the proximate cause of the injury or death of the patient. If you can prove there is liability or malpractice, the patient or his or her family is entitled to damages.

Our team of medical malpractice attorneys are skilled and experienced in the evaluation and handling of all aspects of medical malpractice and the ultimate trial of the client’s case. In fact, Mr. McGarity spent a number of years representing hospitals, doctors, surgeons and other medical providers defending medical malpractice cases. He represented a major metropolitan hospital as well as insurance companies that covered medical malpractice issues. In doing so, Mr. McGarity learned the craft of defending these kinds of cases and understands how these cases are handled by the medical malpractice defense teams. By being on the side of the defense, he became an expert in the evaluation and handling of medical malpractice cases. Years later, he began exclusively to represent Plaintiffs who were victimized by negligent medical providers. This valuable insight coming from the experience of years of defending medical providers gives our firm a valuable edge in successfully handling and winning these cases.

Since then, we have been remarkably successful in representing victims of medical malpractice. Our Gwinnett County medical malpractice lawyers have been involved in many professional negligence/malpractice cases with great success. If you or a loved one have been injured by the malpractice or negligence of a doctor, nurse, hospital or other medical provider, our firm would be honored to review your case.

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