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Law Firm – Why Choose Ours?

You can count on the law firm at McGarity and Efstration, LLC to give your legal issues the attention they deserve.

Caring, considerate support

Any legal issue, large or small, is stressful and emotional when you are inexperienced in dealing with the legal system.  When you contact the lawyers at McGarity and Efstration, LLC, we reduce the stress and emotion by helping you to understand the issues:

  • We differentiate between emotions and fact to help you clarify the true nature of your situation.
  • We look at the details of your situation to identify the right solution for you.
  • We explain the complex issues to you in plain language so you understand the issues you are facing.
  • We make sure you understand the legal process for your situation so you know what to expect.
  • We identify all possible outcomes to help you make informed decisions.

Our law firm brings assertive representation in court

When your issues take you to the courtroom, McGarity and Efstration, LLC provides strong representation to protect your interests:

  • We come to court well-prepared with detailed evidence.
  • We get the facts from witnesses.
  • We use technology to make sure the judge or jury truly understands your case.

Got a question? We have FAQs.

At McGarity and Efstration, LLC, we provide you with the resources you need to further discuss with us your claim.

For information about Auto Accidents, visit our Auto Accidents page.

For information about Motorcycle Accidents, visit our Motorcycle Accidents page or our Motorcycle Accidents FAQ.

For information about Trucking Accidents, visit our Trucking Accidents page or our Trucking Accidents FAQ.

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